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The Blavity360º Publisher Business Grant* offers a grant to two minority-owned publishers as an investment in their creative efforts to serve the growing needs of communities of color. By providing coaching, recognition, and resources, the grant aims to support publishers.

Accepted program participants will officially join the Blavity360º network, receive support from the team, promotion within Blavity Media Group’s portfolio of brands valued at $15,000, a financial cash award of $10,000, and access to tools and resources to continue building engaged communities. The publisher can use the grant money to support their growth and investments in content, technology, talent, and infrastructure. This is a great opportunity for minority-owned publishers to invest in themselves and take their business to the next level.

To be considered for the Blavity360° Publisher Business Grant program, the publisher must meet the following criteria.

Publisher Criteria

Social Media Footprint

Minimum 100K followers across all platforms

Average engagement rate greater than 1%

Monthly Page Views

Minimum 1M monthly page views

YouTube Subscribers

Minimum 3000 subscribers

We look forward to helping you reach your goals. Good luck!

Application Closes: May 19, 2023
Winner Announcement: May 22, 2023

*This is a sponsored post by the Blavity360º Publisher Grant program. All opinions expressed are our own.
The program is only open to new publishers and existing Blavity360º publishers are not eligible to apply.
Please refer to our terms and conditions for complete information about eligibility requirements and restrictions.

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